This year's event will bring changes

For the second year in a row, Headland will be the host city for the Dixie Majors State Baseball Tournament. The awarding was made April 6.

State Director William Wade said this year's tournament will consist of eight teams, with play to begin July 18. "We will play two four-team pools with the top two teams from each pool advancing to play in a four-team, double-elimination bracket. Structuring the tournament this way will negate the need for a majors sub-state tournament and will allow Headland the possibility of 19 games being played in the tournament, as opposed to a possible 15 games in a standard eight-team, double-elimination bracket."

Wade said if there are clear-cut numbers one and two in the round-robins, there will be no games played Sunday to allow for pitching innings to reset a and the four-team double elimination tournament will begin the next day. "If we have ties to break, that will be done on Sunday and the four-team double-elimination tournament will begin Tuesday, taking Monday off to allow pitching to reset."