Recently, customers have found a company called that allows customers to make payments to many companies including The City of Headland Water Department. A link to their site also comes up when customers do a search for City of Headland Water online bill payment. If the customer is not careful to select our actual website, they could easily select the payment site. While Doxo seems to be a legitimate company, The City of Headland has not solicited or partnered with this company to take payments for our customers.

We DO NOT recommend that customers of the City of Headland use this third party payment site for their bill payment. Doxo charges fees per transactions, but worse yet, the payments are not immediately posted to the customer’s account, which can result in a delinquent notice or a complete disruption of service.

The City of Headland would like to advise customers to only use our website for payments to us. This link can be easily accessed by clicking on the “Payclix” logo on the right side of the page.