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Parks & Facilities

Headland has two city parks and a square that serve our citizens, within half a mile of the downtown area. Douglas Park is our major recreational facility with 9 baseball/softball fields, 2 tennis courts, outside basketball court, playground and paved parking for over 400 vehicles. It is located east of downtown and has two entrances off East Church Street and East Main Street. Dr. J. E. Morriss Park is our family picnic facility with kid-safe playground equipment, outdoor grill, a building with several bench tables, restroom facilities and paved parking. It is located west of downtown on West Church Street. The Square is located downtown and the heart and soul of Headland for events, dining and shopping!

Douglas Park, Dr. J.E. Morriss Park & The Square

Doulgas Park

Douglas Park is named after the Douglas Family. Ruby Farmer Douglas owned and sold the land to the City of Headland to expand their recreational facilities. This land was inherited by Ms. Ruby's husband, Chester B. Douglas, from his father, Alford Douglas, who served for many years as the Town Marshall in Headland.

Sheldon Field is named after Sheldon Grace, great-grandson of Chester and Ruby Douglas, grandson of Tim & Jeannine Grace and Howard & Judy Holland, son of Clay and Holli Grace. Howard is our current Director of Recreation for the City of Headland.

Golden Field is named after E. L. "Booster" Golden. Booster served the city as a councilman for many years and was instrumental in obtaining funds for our recreation department. He served as a coach for youth baseball for many years.

Dr. J.E. Morriss Park

Dr. J. E. Morriss Park is named for our beloved J. Edwin Morriss who served Headland and the surrounding area for over 40 years. He established his practice on Broad Street and, later on, at a new facility on Hwy 431 which is currently Headland Family Medicine. Dr. Morriss and Teresa, his lovely wife, served our community for their entire lives with our local schools and First Baptist Church of Headland.

Headland Square

James Joshua Head (1839-1927) founded Headland in 1871 as Head’s Land. He patented land,
platted the town, and built his home. The Post Office opened as Headland on October 10, 1871.
The public square was laid off in 1871 by J. J. Head with a vision for a branch courthouse.
However, Henry County voters decided not to locate a courthouse on the public square in the
elections held in 1879 and 1885. In 1908, The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that the town of
Headland had title to the square instead of Dr. W. S. Oates (1852-1913), who had claimed the
title when he purchased the town in 1880. One hundred years after the founding of Headland,
the city’s first Harvest Festival occurred to celebrate the milestone. Headland has hosted the
Harvest Festival every year since centered on the Square. The Square is the centerpiece of the
great city of Headland and continues to be the community’s favorite place to gather for events,
dining, shopping, or a relaxing stroll.

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